Wednesday, April 20, 2011

pig story by Asha

A pig story by Asha age 11
Today I walked down to the farm and went to visit our new pigs. There are five of them. I was hanging out with them in their stall and the biggest  one, Buff, opened the door.  It escaped. I said, " oh no, what am I supposed to do!?". Our cow, Gerda, started running around and mooing because the pig was squealing cause it was scared. The pig went under our barn. I was thinking, "Don't let it into the woods, don't let it get out." Then, I ran around the back side of the barn and started shooing it out from behind. Then I got out into the paddock again where Gerda was and I caught it by it's back legs and starting pulling it towards the door. I was holding it by one hand and with the other trying to open the door! Finally, I opened the door and the pig started squealing. I was laying down with the pig on top of me! I let it go and it ran around in the stall and was squealing. I said "phew, that's over!" by Asha

from Nicole
What a farm girl! Gaelan and I were planting the last of the potatoes and heard a distant squealing. Little did we know!

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