Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Harvest week uno.......brrrrrrrr!

Hey Everyone!
You would never know it was May 16 outside.My hands are just regaining their dexterity after feeling like two useless lumps on the end of my arm.I do'nt think the mornings temperature rose much above forty five.Not to mention it rained and I was'nt wearing any raingear.Apparently I need to suffer in order to feel fully alive.Who would have thought us post modern farmers had such a masochistic streak!It has been an interesting spring,the polar opposite of last spring , when swims in the river started in early April and did'nt stop until nearly halloween.With the weather being so much more wet and colder, things veggie wise have grown slower,yet, with our silica rich sandy riverbottom,we have managed not to fall behind .It is truely amazing to see the rate of growth from our sandy lower fields, to our heavier soiled upland fields.Things germinate and grow much quicker in the sandier soils, yet the heavier soils hold moisture and grow crops with more vibrant color.Always a balance,kind of like our kids,whose personalities seem at times irreconcilable.
Last week and this week we have managed to plant out all the hot weather crops.Unfortunately they are sitting in the cold rain,like tropical refugees,waiting for the good ole sun.As am I ,I might add.The tomatoes in the hoop house are powering forward and the summer squash we planted out in April is fruiting oh so marginally.Our pastures are awash in lush grass,Gerda our milk cow and our flock of sheep are barely visible at times,rejoicing in the green succulence.In the last few days, hundreds of mushrooms have sprouted underneath our crops,confirming our wish to have highly living microbially active soils.I of course never satisfied wish they were Morels.I hope everyone is as excited as we are,launching out into the unknown,or quasi known.To be a farmer requires almost endless reserves of positivity balanced with a healthy dose of pragmatic cynism.Humor is key as well, keeping manic depression (not Jimi's version)away.For those who are eating with us for real , here is your first hit list. For the others, read it and weep!!!
spring onions
head lettuce
bunched kale/chard/collards
green garlic
A good start, so enjoy.Happy eating!
peace gaelan

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