Wednesday, April 20, 2011

pig story by Asha

A pig story by Asha age 11
Today I walked down to the farm and went to visit our new pigs. There are five of them. I was hanging out with them in their stall and the biggest  one, Buff, opened the door.  It escaped. I said, " oh no, what am I supposed to do!?". Our cow, Gerda, started running around and mooing because the pig was squealing cause it was scared. The pig went under our barn. I was thinking, "Don't let it into the woods, don't let it get out." Then, I ran around the back side of the barn and started shooing it out from behind. Then I got out into the paddock again where Gerda was and I caught it by it's back legs and starting pulling it towards the door. I was holding it by one hand and with the other trying to open the door! Finally, I opened the door and the pig started squealing. I was laying down with the pig on top of me! I let it go and it ran around in the stall and was squealing. I said "phew, that's over!" by Asha

from Nicole
What a farm girl! Gaelan and I were planting the last of the potatoes and heard a distant squealing. Little did we know!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

farming and cooking

So, here is my first blog entry! Gaelan is participating in the WNC Chef's challenge tomorrow night! I think I am more nervous than him! I keep having anxiety dreams about it, like we're late or that I can't get in to attend, etc. He seems surreally calm. Nate from Knife and Fork invited him in the late winter when he got notified he would be invited to compete. He and Gaelan have formed a nice bond. Gaelan learned a lot from him last winter when he worked there. He has really developed these last years into a fine cook. Doing the dinners on our farm I think have given him a lot of confidence and he really likes to use his creativity. He is also so confident when he  cooks now! And he bosses me around a lot more now in the kitchen too- one downside to every upside! the farm. We don't have any help yet which is starting to seem like a poor move. I am still homeschooling each morning and Gaelan is at the farm. So this week mini "spring break " from schooling to put the hands in the dirt and get a bunch of delayed projects done! I am looking forward to it. I get cranky when I am not active enough. I've done lots of seeding and helped with all the planting out, etc, but I'm feeling the need to "get into the groove" again.
We had our first market on Saturday. It rained like hell the first 2 hours and felt like it would be miserable. But customers still came and then  the sun shone and it felt like another world. I sold everything and wished I had more to sell! Carmella ate a ton and teased our neighbor farmer a lot.
Today she and I walked down to the farm and had some fun chats. We saw some ladybugs along with some bumblebees on some iliagnus plants. She said , "They're probably eating the aphids! " She went on to explain how the ladybugs were good bugs and it was good to eat the bad aphids. I guess she was listening last year when we roamed the tomatoes! She also loves to chase and wrangle the lambs in the barn. She loves to open their mouth and look at their teeth. She said they are smiling when she does that. We hung out with the piglets and they were more "friendly, now that they're settled in" she said. THey did in fact nibble and sniff her hands and clothes today. She picked some parsnips and radishes and fed it to them.
We also said goodbye to Gerda's calf yesterday. Gerda mooed and bellowed for him after he left. We didn't feel we could eat him. Somehow cows are so different seeming to us than the other animals we raise. Maybe it's the eyes. Carmella was sad and said "he loved me" about Gadjo. She is such a sensitive little farm girl!