Tuesday, July 12, 2011

harvest week seven: garlic harvest

Hey all!
Not sure if Nicole already let you in on this weeks secrets, but if so, here's a double dose.If not,hallelujah!Pulled the garlic out of the ground yesterday,thinking about it's central asian origins,connecting ourselves through the millenia with farmers the globe over.Sometimes that happens to me, when pulling carrots,staring into the mists of history,when the carrot was an unknown root born in Afghanistan.Maybe Alexander the Great, munched on one as he drove his Macedonians over the Hindu Kush and here we are in Appalachia,enjoying a similar treat.Mindblowing!The bulbs of garlic were covered in beneficial micro fungi, a testament to the health and vitality of that particular field, which we have been struggling with these last years.So great to pull the roots from the ground and then in no time to see them hanging jauntily in the barn.Carmella loved it, meticulously cleaning the fat bulbs.Now, garlic will once again cloak us in its smells and tastes,its health giving qualities and its culinary prowess.We have officially reached the mad dash stage, where weeds and plants grow tremendously.Harvesting, weeding,planting are all a blur and the only thing keeping you on your feet is the need to do just ONE more thing before collapsing in to the swift river water.I'm gonna keep this a short epistle,since Nicole is headed up to NY and we must pack for market.Here's the hoodlums!
maybe taters if I feel generous.
Anywho, enjoy the onslaught.Keep your bellies happy!

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