Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Harvest week eight:squash deluge

Hello All!
Another week of farm madness has passed, leaving us all feeling giddily chastened.In the fields, we are currently dodging the deluge of squash and cukes thundering into our harvest boxes,while looking at the beans and tomatoes. Bean Back and Bean Belly  are almost here and guess what? I really want to share the pain!I have been trying to harvest the squash at smaller and smaller size, thusly cutting down on the bulk of the larger fruit. As with all things though, good ideas are great on paper,but out there on the front rows, it's pick or be picked.We had our annual 4 of July party, a day for us to celebrate all that we are thankful for. Food, music , poetry, good friends , beer and of course pyrotechnics.Our good friend Nathan Allen again roasted one of our swine over a nice fire,as the party revellers worked up an appetite competing in the farm olympics.For me, this celebration represents my goals, bringing people together around farming and food.Looking at each other across the fire and sharing tales of daring doo.Nick and Grace constructed a giant papier mache eagle ,which was the grand finale of the fireworks show, bursting into flight while Jimi Hendrix sang about kissing the sky.
We are doing other things than partying here, watching the green tomatoes emerge from their flower buds, clustering in abundance on the vine.We have head sized watermelon and cantaloupe out there, fattening like a suckling pig, sweeter and fat free though. Somehow, our soil is doing something as yet unseen, showing its intense vitality through the color of green the plants are.I am amazed and thrilled. Must be doing something right. Hope you al are enjoying the summer, until next week, if I don't drown in the squash ocean!
Here's the hit list.
Hope you can eat it all.If not, there are numerous freezing and canning options,very simple.Have a fabulous week.

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