Monday, June 27, 2011

harvest week six

Hello Everyone,
It's been a great week.Watching those monumental thunder heads roll in, leaving us wetter and better,causing things in the fields to get even more abundant.Of course there are times when ,astride the tractor ,lightening creasing the black clouds hanging seemingly right over my head,that I wonder what good I would be to anyone as a farmer chip.But that's what it's all about right, risking life and limb for head lettuce and bok choi!You can really tell summer is here, by the varying shades of fruit that Carmella has been ingesting.One day, a black raspberry purple, the next,an orange tint from the sungolds .Her small mouth a great indicator of what's good eating at the moment.Yesterday we herded Gerda our cow in, she perched happy on my shoulders.Once down at the farm, we HAD to go see the baby watermelons.Halfway down the bed I looked back and Carmella was painstakingly smushing every squash bug she could find.It was all I could do to coax her away from the carnage.I think she even told me to hold on, she would be there when she was done.
We also began seeding the fall round of broccoli, cauliflower and greens,parsnips and other fall staples.Strange to do when the summer bounty hasn't even hit us full on yet.Seems the days race by,each a blur of soil, fruit, greens and cool deep water.I have enjoyed this spring and early summer immensely,watching the plants rocket forward towards your bellies,so generous in their giving.I will sing the melons a lullaby for all out there,it makes them sweeter!
Here's the goods!
new taters
Have fun in the kitchen!

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