Monday, June 27, 2011

harvest week cinco

Hey Folks!
Happy to announce the arrival of bright red new potatoes to your kitchens! Always an exciting time, where last week they were merely marbles, but with this great moisture we have had , they have puffed themselves up to truly delectable dimensions.As with the arrival of cherry tomatoes, they are the harbingers of our shift into the high gear of summer.These Andean tubers,which have played such an incredibly well travelled role in world history.Most notably of course the Irish potato famine.I love to imagine their spread slowly around the world,until now when they have become a much vaunted staple of many cultural diets.Looking down the bushy rows,I like to think I can hear the tubers expanding.
The farm is going great guns,as from day to day plants flower and fruit clusters appear.Broccoli, such a space hog, is here now for a couple weeks,but soon we will be gone,just in time for the arrival of full summer croppage.Moisture has remained well balanced so far this seasom, I only spent one week turning the irrigation on,fixing geysers and ignoring pesky mere leaks.Over the years I have received a PhD. in farm irrigation and invention.After endless cutting,splicing and knuckle skinning,our farm water system works almost like I want it to.Some people cunsult techno wizards, spending entire lunch breaks hyperventilating on the phone.I prefer to hyperventilate inb the field, plus I can cuss and kick the offending pieces .Sometimes I think I could diversify into farm therapy.I hope you all take the time to make a cold new tater salad,with plenty of green onion, salt ,pepper and dill.Here are the hoodlums for the week.
head lettuce

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