Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Harvest week three: HOT!

Man, time is flying by.Today was a double dip day in the river, felt good to sweat some, really feeling like summer is here to stay.When it's so hot out, I relish the early mornings even more, the lush colors before the sun turns everything a blinding yellow.Today we worked on building an outdoor shower at the apprentice cabin. Nick and Grace are this year's crop of young folks, who give us their sweat and tears, minimal on the blood part. My personal ethic when accoplishing a project on the farm  is to find as much of the materials on site as possible.Saving cash, but also a creative challenge to see what one can create with random parts.We are using an old pressure tank for the water storage, set on a seven foot high platform,connected to the already existing water catchment system.
I've been in a pickle of late, at the end of the day, turning my hands over, wondering at the lack of engrained dirt this year. It's almost as if I have to intentionally rub my hands with schmutz to feel that I really am a farmer. I take pride in my farmer hands.Have to keep up with my peers the world over,whose hands I always admired,coursed with veins ,fingers like vise grips. I swear I'm working hard........really.
All vegetable matter is continuing its rapid expansion, lettuce heads ballooning like they're sucking helium. Melons are starting their slow spread over the black fabric . Peas are fattening on the vine and the tomatoes are putting out buds. This evening at dusk the girls and I were down at the farm, me fixing some last minute wrinkles with the irrigation, the girls, dancing through the fine spray of the sprinklers, yelling and singing.What a great way to end the day. Here's a who's who for this weeks eating!
garlic scapes
Enjoy the Hot weather! Peace, Gaelan

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