Thursday, June 9, 2011

harvest week four

Howdy All!
Been a hot one this past week, days, where the sweat trickles down your body in tiny rivulets,your mind struggling to keep the torpor at bay.Yet how could I possibly complain,when things are growing a mile a minute and the river,oh the river is what keeps it all in perspective.Planted out sweet potatoes this week,trying to imagine three months from now,digging those orange clusters from the sandy soil.Enough to make you run through the garden naked.For me it's always fascinating when the heaT bears down,yet the leafy greens hold their own with remarkable grit.I wander the fields aimlessly in the early morning, poking and prodding, feeling like some strange earth doctor,checking on my patients.This past week was also the celebrated first cherry tomato from the high tunnel.At first I thought I was seeing things,maybe someone had droped an orange golf ball, then remembered that noone plays golf in my field.Suddenly it hit me.Sungold!!!!As the trickle of hot , sweet -tart juice flowed over my taste buds,my body went to automatic,running itself out of the tunnel, whooping and screaming.Somehow,as we all know,taste can trigger such a whirlwind of memory and emotion.The taste of the first tomato, however small seems to me to say that everything, no matter how tough the going will be fine in the end.Maybe politicians should eat fresh, sun ripened sungolds.Perhaps then we would have happy down to earth people in office.Carrots are elongating,beets are rounding out,cukes are nascent on the vine and the melons spread stealthily over their beds,like good eats sliding down your gullet.I hope all and sundry are enjoying their food,I really think instead of carpe diem, it should of been seize the food.Here is your playlist for the week.

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