Monday, July 25, 2011

harvest week ten!!!

Hello Folks,
Been a wild and wooly one here on the farm,seesawing from cloud cover and high 60's, to blast furnace.This past week, we tilled under all the spring greens and cabbage, sowing summer oats to hold the soil down and to add some organic matter later on. Full, brazen summer is here, tomatoes blush, not out of modesty though, melons turn red on the inside and the beans are starting their annual pain parade, from back to belly and other B words you can imagine. Squash and cukes keep up the fusillade,accruing by the 100lbs. in the walk in. Winter squash inflate irrepressably on the vine and at the end of every day I open my eyes under the cool of the river and thank the Big One for my life, my hand glued to a cold beer.
As always though, there was something a little bit special about the week. Namely that I caught a bee swarm .Have'nt done that in maybe eight years. I wondered as I was improvising pants out of Nicole's raincoat, whether I still had the magic. My philosophy in farming is to leave parts of the day free in my mind, for those random occurances that make what we do worthwhile. Catching an early morning swarm was one such occurance. Maybe 20 thousand bees,clustered on a flower stalk, as I donned the veil and gloves, warning Nick and Grace to a safe distance. I wondered if it would be a teachable moment, or a disaster with me running for my life. Back in my cowboy years, when it seemed I was untouchable I used to handle bees half naked and barefoot all the time. Many stings later, I like the veil just fine. After a half our of wetting their wings and slowly scooping and shaking, those beautiful winged geniuses were ensconced in a closed hive body. As I was marvelling at the sound of thousands of beating wings, I realized that all the fruits you enjoy every week are due to our friends the bees.So thank a farmer, but treasure our bees.
Your bounty for the week.
cherry tomatoes
Man ,that's some happy bellies!Enjoy!!!!!!!
Nicole DelCogliano
Gaelan Corozine
Green Toe Ground Farm, Celo, NC

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