Monday, August 27, 2012

ello Good Folks!
Lost track of the weeks already,grown over with weeds and gargantuan tomato vines.When my arms and hands are not on fire from squash prickles,my digits are black with tomato juice.Bean Back fast approaches and all my clothes are perpetually grungy.This is the life!Pigs cavort haphazardly ,gourmet designer baby squash stuck like stogies in their mouths.Who could imagine the final resting place of such a chic item.A pig's digestive tract.Great pork though,as the oinkers grow,they consume more and more,looking at me longingly whenever I pass them by.I can never be sure if its the food I feed them they want,or me.They say to never pass out in a hog pen.Happy times!At this time of year,the farm becomes a chess match with nature,balancing the moisture,diseases,heat,germination,fall crops ad nauseum.Most of the time I lose just barely,coming upon a bed of arugula,only to find brown gunk where once a waving forest grew.My feet have cracks in them,my hands feel like claws and cold beer is like a the honey wine of the ancient norse gods,soul delivering.The animals stand under their shade trees,swatting the flies with tail and tongue,while we bare our heads to the sun and flex bicep and thigh in the name of farming.I am honored to stand in the ranks of small farmers worldwide,who toil with their bodies,so that we may all feed our bodies well,but also feel the tears,sweat and love that makes a cherokee purple tomato taste like honey nectar.Tend to your stomachs good people,let not this time pass without gorging yourselves on the sun's bounty!Here's the lineup for this week.
Buon appetito!!!!!!!!!

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