Monday, August 27, 2012

Hey Everyone old and new!
Just cut our grass for the first time,as it was starting to resemble a tropical rainforest,not a yard.Getting to the clothesline was starting to feel like Burton and Speke looking for the Nile's source.The smell of fresh mown herbiage will forever remind me of those glory days of summer.When all I cared about was which swimming hole I would frequent and which girl I had a crush on.............................anyway,now it's here again.After an early spring filled with perfect growing weather,peepers peeping and all things growing downright voluptuously.No other way to say it,when overnight,the green of the carrot tops goes from an okay green,to a bone jarring intensity.Broccoli glints in a grey ,blue ,green forest.Lucky,since when we planted it out we got the truck high centered on the only boulder on the farm.Rain pouring,ourselves drenched and grinning like the eternal optimist fool farmers we are.Somehow we managed to push,pull and mudhog our way out of the field,a dramatic start,now a footnote compared to the broccoli sure to grace your plate in the near future.Sometimes after a good shower,the sun shining again,I like to sit on that pesky boulder and I swear you can hear the thrilled calls of the crops as they photosynthesize and reach upward.I hope you all are ready to get it on in the kitchen.Every year, due to that psychotic symptom called optimism that we suffer from,I tend to laud this year as THE YEAR!But in all reality,each year has its enormous successes and abject failures.THIS IS THE YEAR.For what I am not sure yet,but the peas are looking sexy,basil is smelling fine,tunnel maters are flowering and those andean  miscreants the taters are poking lustily from the loamy soil.If you cant already tell,I am excited to be here again,sharing our lives and bounty with y'all.For those in Asheville,pickup is tomorrow at the Montford Market between 2 and 6pm.Celo folks,Friday at the barn,4 to 6pm.Here are your A team members!
bunched greens
See you soon!!

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