Monday, August 27, 2012

Rain has been gracing us with its magic these past few days.Now of course the ground is saturated and the creeks running full tilt.Hard to envision those dust filled afternoons of midsummer when rainy times like this seem obscene and surreal.Peas and fava beans are in full bloom,reminding us that fruit is just around the corner.Pastures and forests are electric in there greeness.You can tell the pasture grass is growing well, when the sheep don't greet you with a chorus of baaing every time you enter the back field.Lambs are bulking up,no longer worried and skittish.Gerda our milk cow is expanding exponentially,her calf is due in July or August.The new piglets root their way around their pasture,discovering a whole new world from the concrete jungle of their early days.
Down in the main field,the soil sits ready for the onslaught of planting that will happen this week.Rye cover crop slowly melts into the soil,releasing clumps of fungus and masses of wriggling worms.Fecundity,decay,the anticipation of the unknown yet familiar.The broccoli and cauliflower have started to button up,carrots are sizing up,beets look delicious if only the deer didn't think so too.Taters have sprung through the brown loam with alacrity and show good vigor in a field hitherto unused by us.This spells good news for y'alls stomachs and plates,palates too.Just looking at the cherry tomatoes dangling temptingly in the high tunnel ,while still green, they hold the promise of summer.Here are the characters for this weeks farce.
perhaps something else as yet to be decided.Enjoy these greens,for the heat shall soon be upon us and they will be a mere figment.Peace
Nicole DelCogliano

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