Monday, August 27, 2012

Sky has been baby blue this morning after yesterdays relentless downpouring.Growth is in the air,all manner of things are snaking upward toward that lovely golden orb in the sky.I have been guiltily snacking on a few of the early ripe peas,forcibly holding myself to the earth so as not to be transported heavenward by such luscious flavors.Peas always make me dream of this pasta dish my father and I had in Orvieto in Tuscany way way back.Orvieto is a walled medieval town,perched amazingly on a kind of plateau.One can see the walled scity from miles away,we happened upon it,just toward sunset.Sky was flaming purple and pink.Once settled,we strolled about,looking for a suitable eatery.By chance,we happened upon this hole in the wall spot,with a patio out back,covered by ancient grapevines.I ordered the Carbonara,peas,green onion,scrambled egg,pancetta.It was a seminal moment in my eating career .So now,when biting into a freshly picked pea pod,I close my eyes and feel yhe tuscan air on my skin.
It is an amazing time of year,full of hope and promise.Our backs and muscles are not spasming from constant fruit harvest,but the farm is starting to sparkle.Harvested the first summer squash and cauliflower today,oohing and ahhing over the miracle of this food we grow.Winter squash is up,potatoes are hilled and looking fab.The first sweet orbs should be graceing your plates oh about mid to late june.Sheep are sheared,their wool waiting for me and my spinning wheel.Don't really want to think about that right now.Anyway,enjoy the growing cacaphony of veggies on your plates and in your bellies.Buon appetito!
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