Monday, August 27, 2012

Hello All,
A little late on this one,too much time spent wandering the farm,scratching my calloused digits through the loamy soil,seeking those pesky seeds yet to germinate.As with many years,my mind and the weather gods seem to be in some kind of syncopated rythm.Every time I even THINK about the need for any kind of irrigation.Boom,it rains just the right ammount.Sometimes out in the field,the lacey rows of carrots,stark green against the soil ensnare me.The gentle curve of the bed so voluptuous.I can feel summer scratching at the screen door,as the summer squash ramp up,beans shoot skyward and just the other day we ate the first sungolds from the tomato tunnel.Taters are starting their bloom,signaling the beginning of tuber set.Sweet potatoes shoot off  like tropical rockets and even the field tomatoes are joining the boogie,flowering.
Our once tiny piglets have made their pasture home,a far cry from the distressed sunburnt factory pigs they once were.Now they rip and root,roll in their wallow and look at me with that devilish gleam in their eye.Prompting me to wonder what the hell they know that I do not.I hope you will join me in my ecstasy over the coming summer bounty.a time of year when farm to fork doesn't even happen,it's more like fingers to mouth.Happy eating to all!!!!!Here are the ruffians for this week.

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