Monday, August 27, 2012

Howdy folks!!!!
Sorry for the miss last week.I guiltily admit to being in NYC with Nicole,scouring the city in blind euphoria.Take a farmer and put them in the city.It's a beautiful thing.Brought back alot of memories from my days running bread about the then extremely third world city,through blocks of crack houses and burned out cars.Worked the Union Square market in my teens.Most farmers still carried bats and knives to keep the junkies off.Now it's so mellow,artisans,musicians and the odd pickpocket or so.But hey it's the big apple.
The first thing I did on my return was frantically root about in the soil for the new potatoes that I knew would be there.Sure enough,my hands trembling with excitement,I plucked the first sweet orbs out the ground.I have started to measure the days,not by their names,but by the new veggies that I eat.It's happening that fast.A veritable tumult of yellows,greens and reds.Summer is in the air,heavy sweet humid air,drenching me in sweat,leaving me blissfully sated at the end of the day,floating freely in the river.It promises to be an incredible summer cavorting with my favorite hooligans.Speaking of which,here are this weeks fellows and dames.
new potatoes
Eat up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Or else......................

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