Monday, August 27, 2012

HI all-
Gaelan has been writing these great farm newsletters all year and we need to post them here!! We are moving into Fall here with a flourish. The dried leaves are littering the river and the dips are so refreshing. The light is changing and the mornings cool. Can't believe summer is on its way out. The hot crops are done. The field tomatoes have been ripped out and bedded tilled. The high tunnel tomatoes are on their way to being gone and peppers and eggplant refuse to give out more. It's always a sad letting go , but there are lots of new beds planted and seedlings popping up , reminiscent of the spring. The fall broccoli, cauliflowers brussel sprouts and kale have survived their August transplant which is always a shock- the heat and bugs are brutal. They are perking up and looking better. Gaelan has been a seeding fool , ready to leave summer behind and move on. The winter squash harvest was paltry but digging our potatoes out was like striking it rich! They yielded so well and some are so huge!
We've had quite a crew here this summer. Julie our stellar intern from OR has been a great worker and friend. My cousin Ryan has been here 3 months from Jersey, greeting us each morning, with "hey!" in a Jersey accent which makes us laugh. His sister and boyfriend have also been helping out which has been fun. So we've had lots of folks around.
We are planning our Farm dinner for Sept 22nd. The summer just got away from us and in the late August lull we finally had a moment to pick a date. IT will be a wood fired extravaganza unleashing the power of the cob oven Gaelan built last Fall with our interns, Nick and Grace (who are getting married!!).
So, we still have a whole season ahead of us til Christmas but it will slow and slacken a bit. Looking forward to it!!!

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