Monday, August 27, 2012

Hey Everyone,
Mud abounds on the farm these days, as we receive almost daily deluges.It sticks to the feet, bare or shoe covered ,adding at least ten pounds to your leg lift.Whenever I even vaguely think of irrigating,the clouds roll in and my prayers are answered.We managed to plant out most all the summer crops this week.Tomatoes,eggplant,peppers,winter squash,herbs.But the thing I am most excited about are the nearly two thousand sweet potato plants we set out.So easy,when doing repetitive labor,to let the mind wander.As with so many fruits and veggies that we grow,the sweet potato comes to us from Asia and Africa.I often marvel at the unstoppable spread of seeds and agricultural knowledge that has inspired farmers and gardeners since the first group of folks decided to chance it and grow food instead of gathering it.
Broccoli and cauliflower are buttoning up prettily,the first planting of summer squash is flowering and the long rows of carrots glow bright green.Peas are fully almost a foot taller than me,waving their bright white flowers tauntingly in the breeze,reminding us that that crisp sweet crunch is just around the corner.
Here's the line-up for this week.
garlic scapes
bunched greens
coming soon,are summer squash,peas,broccoli,cauliflower ,carrots..............
just something to think about!!!
Happy munching.

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