Monday, August 27, 2012

Wassup everyone!
No rain for a few days,makes one feel thankful for the sun and all its warmth.Gone are the days of tidyness and order,sea of green,undulating in the appalachian breeze.Now weeds shoot up their seed heads,early summer plants are withered and dying.Hard not to think that everything is in a slow decay.Yet fall greens ride out the flea beetles under row cover,broccoli and cauliflower battle it out in the open air.Every day,new seeds are sown and if you know where to look,there are tons of veggies waiting for the right hands to pluck them lovingly from mother plants.August is a hard month,like sailing ships that would hit the doldrums we squint into the glare of the afternoon sun,smiling for the bountty that has been and anticipating the change into fall.Farmers would make bad buddhists,never content with what the weather brings,obsessively digging in the fresh turned earth for the tender seeds to see if they have germinated.Instead of chanel no.5 and axe , we smell of fish emulsion and serenade,earth and sweat.Days are made by the simple thick line of carrot seedlings promising that sweet carrot crunch down the line.This is the mid season crisis time,when all eyes are on the tomato crop.Sometimes we forget where we live,the amazing temperate rain forest that surrounds us,the river rolling through.Our eyes are on the earth so much,poking digging,cutting hoeing.The tomatoes are hanging on,their leaves are black and dying about half way up,yet fruit is thick and pendulous,blushing like a shy girl you have just complimented.Oh tomato,denizen of the americas,how you ensnare us in your web of lust.From timid shrub of Mexican origin,you have blossomed into multiple pound monsters of exquisite taste,inspiring us ,goading us into peroxyms of joy and anguish.Love a tomato,spend time letting its juice dribble down chin and under shirt.Make sauce,make love,eat!
My best guess for your bellies this week.

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