Monday, August 27, 2012

Howdy Everyone!
Damn it's wet out there.Have'nt seen a July like this in probably six years or more,mushrooms sprout with abandon as entropy surrounds us.The river is sleek and brownish green,rippling with power,a far cry from the tame rivulet it was last July.This is a nerve wracking time on the farm.Rain is always welcome,bringing trace minerals from the atmosphere and the deep soaking of plant root systems is always necessary.Yet this ammount threatens the teeter totter balance we walk as farmers between good rain and rain that melts,molds,mildews and blights.You all see us when we are out and about,arms full of sparkling goodies,smiling on the outside,even though inwardly our guts are knotting and we stock brown paper bags in the vehicles to help with hyperventilation.Dreams are nightmares of crop loss and other horrors.But we pick out the good things,get our dander up and battle the blight for the tomato crop,pick our minds from the ankle deep mud and imagine bushels of ripe maters,slices stuck between two crusty pieces of bread,salt pepper,maybe mayo too.AHHHHHHH! That's life right there!Fall seedlings burst in growth,sweet taters swell and all is actually quite copacetic.Gerda our milk cow is lactating again,her swollen belly swings from side to side when she runs to greet me.I sneakily squeezed myself a teat treat today,could'nt resist the swollen udder.Nothing in the world like grass fed raw milk.
I dream of a world where we eat food that inspires us,prepared by chefs that we love,bread baked by our buddies and meat grown by friends.Animals graze and grunt,kids flit in and out,barefoot laughing wildly.Then I realize thast this is no dream.It is my daily life,filled with friend who inspire and wow us.Soil that gives to us and a sun that never vanishes fully except to set.Love it all,rain,shine,mud ,dust.Keep those farmers out in the drought states in your thoughts.We are all part of this great web.

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